SumoDash was born with one goal in mind: To be a full-service content marketing firm that uses a well-defined content strategy and process to give startups a marketing experience that is fast, effective, and will lead to organic growth in the long term.

Most companies hire writers to write content for them that don’t understand the buyer’s persona. The truth is that content marketing works if done right. Good content marketing will help you increase brand awareness, convert more users, nurture your customers, and grow your company overall.

Content marketing doesn’t come easy. High-quality requires a strategy and requires a lot of research. You can’t just hire a random writer and achieve results. You need a plan.

At SumoDash, our goal is to help businesses maximize their results with content marketing at all stages of the content funnel.

This is the process that we use for every client that we work with:

  • Research – Everything from SEO/keyword research to the ideal buyer persona and what people are searching for.
  • Strategize – Every company requires a different type of content. Some might require guides, some might want community stories, some prefer round-up posts.
  • Production – Write in-depth and long-form content that people want to read. Not content that makes you sound like a robot.
  • Promotion – Quality content works, but if you have a smaller audience, then a strong content promotion strategy is a must.

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